Introduction & Quick Recap of Who I Am

Please read the “why I’m doing this page” if you’re interested in an outline of why I am doing this blog. I want to use this time to inform the reader of who I am.

First, it’s important to know a quick run down of my childhood. I grew up in the Bay Area, California (Pittsburg, to be exact). I have one older sister. I come from a broken home with an absent father and a mother who did her best with the knowledge she had. Coming from a troubled childhood herself, she did her best! I love my mom! My dad, on the other hand, is a sore topic. I have no doubt I will share some intimate details about that when the time comes.

Second, I had a poor education growing up. The public school system did not do me any good. It wasn’t until I started college (at 28 years old) that I realized that what I knew was either wrong or over exaggerated. That was troubling for me, but I’m grateful for being a college student now! I’m working on my BS in Anthropology and I received my AA in Journalism.

Third, my teenage years were filled with lies, deception and sexual and emotional trama. I’ve done a lot of work on this in recent years, and I’m still working on a lot. So when I talk about these things, I may sound detached a bit. Not because I am detached from the situation or emotions that come with it, but because I’ve thought about it so much already that it isn’t that big of a deal anymore. To me, it seems like a lifetime ago and the emotions that present themselves aren’t necessarily how I feel about the situation now.

Fourth, most of my early 20s was spent in the blue collar world. There was a time in my life that I was so shut down and suppressed that I made poor decisions. I took pride in having relations with married men, and I have no doubt I ruined a couple of marriages  I’m not proud of it now, but it’s important to understand that in my 20s I was a reck. It wasn’t until I had a nervous break down that things changed.

Fifth, my nervous break down. When I was 26/27, I had a nervous break down and I left my life behind me without much notice. I seriously quite my job and moved in with my sister. There was only three or four people who I kept in contact with. For a year, I spent my days and evenings by myself in the woods. This is where I found my faith!

Sixth, I decided to go back to school at the age of 28. The two years I spent at LMC, in Pittsburg CA, was life changing. I was doing everything different then how I used to do it before. This opened the door for many things that I am reaping the benefits of now.

Seventh (and finally), I graduated from LMC and transferred to WOU (in Monmouth, Oregon). This is where I am now! I have been living here for three years now and I cannot even put into words how wonderful life is. I have found peace within myself. I have expressed love for others. I have become what I dreamed of …

So! There you have it! That’s me in a nutshell. There are a few significant things I did not touch upon – like getting hit by a car three days before high school graduation, experiencing a miscarriage during high school, my heartache of my boyfriend leaving me without notice, my aunt dying a few weeks before my college graduation … and a few other interesting events — BUT! That doesn’t mean I won’t talk about them later =)