My beautiful, modified body

Body Modification has been happening since humans became sentient beings. As soon as humans could feel, think, analyze and express themselves, body modification has been a part of our lives. The range of different body modifications go from a simple ear piercing to completely covering their body with tattoos. Women in Northern Thailand wear neck rings to have the illusion that their necks are longer, but really, it is their shoulders and rib cage that get shorter. Further, women during the T’ang dynasty were forced to bind their feet because it was considered more beautiful to have smaller feet. Many women damaged their feet and their posture because of this. Even in cultures throughout Africa, there are many kinds of body modifications, from lip plates to scarification. Modifying the human body is not new to humans!


This particular post is an introduction to my body modifications – tattoos to be exact. First, I intend to be completely covered. It will be a very long process and there are still some ideas that haven’t fully formed yet. Second, I have lost track of the number of tattoos I already have because they’re so intertwined with each other that I no longer count them individually. Third, and lastly, each and every tattoo I have or will get has a very significant reason and I will share that with you here. So, what I’m going to do here is go limb by limb and explain what the “theme” is and why I have done what I’ve done as well as what is to come next. *Enjoy!


I will start on my left foot and work my way upward to my neck and start working my way down my right side to my other foot … *fun times* Please, respect my body while reading this post and traveling the beautiful journey of this introduction to my body …


Left foot – No tattoos yet – What’s to come and why … I was born with a broken pinky toe and because of that, my pinky toe overlaps the toe next to it. When I leave a footprint in the sand or with wet feet, my pinky toe does not appear in the footprint. I’ve thought about how our fingerprints are identifying markers of our body and I figured so are our feet, right? When I leave a footprint, I’m missing a part of my body in the image that is left. So, I’ve decided that I will be getting a tattoo that will travel my entire body, which will start in between my pinky toe and the toe it sits upon. It’s going to be a very simple stock of ivy. The section on my foot will look as if the stock of ivy is tearing through my foot and climbing its way upward — just like how real ivy would bust through the ground and grow up a tree trunk.

Another idea I have for my right foot (and other parts of my body too) are pentacles. I am working on an idea for five pentacles on my body. I will get one on each foot (probably on the base of the outside of the ankle). Most likely, they’ll be made to look like pieces of twigs twinned together. But, as you can tell, this idea is still in the works.


Left leg (from ankle to knee) – I have two tattoos already. One tattoo is of Marvin the Martian from the old school Bugs Bunny Cartoons. I was in my early 20s when I got this tattoo and the reason I got it was because I used to watch him all the time when I was kid. I absolutely loved the relationship between him and Bugs. The way in which Marvin the Martian wanted to experience the “earth shattering kaboom” and how Bugs fought him to save the earth was intriguing to me. Even though I may not have understood it fully as a child, I remember thinking that the battle between Bugs and Marvin is a battle everyone on earth fights. We have the Marvin the Martians who want to destroy the earth, knowingly or not, so they do things that damage the earth. They may not be aware they’re damaging the earth, just like Marvin, but nonetheless there are millions of people are slowly killing the earth. Then, on the other hand, we have people like Bugs who are fighting to protect the earth. There are millions of other people who fight against the Marvin the Martians and try to either save the earth from them or fix what they’ve already done. Now, because I have the Marvin the Martian tattoo does not mean I consider myself a Marvin the Martian. On the contrary, this tattoo reminds me that there are Marvin the Martians out there and I need to continue to fight against them. If I would have tattooed a Bugs on my leg, it would not have reminded of the Marvin the Martians.

The other tattoos I have on my right leg – located on the outer calf – is a large portrait of Lara Croft from the video game (NOT THE MOVIES), Tomb Raider. Now, many people think I’m crazy for having a video game character tattooed on my leg, but once they hear the reason behind it, they totally understand. So, here’s a little story … I was hit by a car three days before High School graduation; June 9, 1998, to be exact. I won’t go into major details here, but I broke my right femur bone – snapped right in half – OUCH! So, recovery was insane, to say the least. The first surgery was horrible. I was in and out of the doctors all the time and doing major physical therapy. My boyfriend at the time was there and things really weren’t great. I hated life. But anyways à This isn’t when I started playing Tomb Raider. Instead, I was trying to buck up and do anything and everything I could – not very successfully. I rushed the recovery and went to work pretty quickly. I believe this is why I had to have another surgery a few years later and get the rod and screws removed. What was happening was that the screw in my knee was pulling on the tendon and causing some major damage. I had to remove everything – which, by the way, I was able to keep! I still have the rod and screws, which has bone marrow on it – lol! One day, I’m going to use them as an art project. I digress … the second surgery was more painful and the recovery was much longer.  I was unable to do anything for a long time. So, what did I do? Play Tomb Raider, of course! I played Tomb Raider every day for nearly 8-10 hours a day. At that time in my life I didn’t really care about anything so I didn’t read, I didn’t research anything, I didn’t write much, I didn’t do anything but play Tomb Raider and do a little physical therapy. I seriously believe that Lara Croft saved me from a major depression and probably suicide. She’s a wonderful reminder of what my body is capable of.

What’s to come – this leg has a theme started already – cartoons and video games. I think I’m going to get another Lara Croft profile and instead of her wearing the brown active clothing, like in the game, I am going to put her in a cocktail style dress and high heels. Not sure yet. Other than that, I don’t know what else will go on this leg yet – except of course the growth of my ivy stock


Left thigh (from knee to hip) – no tattoos and no idea what’s going there. It will most likely be a continuing of the video game and cartoon collection.


Butt, waist, stomach, pelvis, chest, back (torso area w/out arms) – No tattoos except for two small ones on my back. I have a small (the size of a nickel, maybe) Chinese symbol in the middle of my back that means, “Sex.” Yes, I’m sure that’s what it says, I took it to three sources who confirmed it. The reason I got this was that “sex on the back is the best position …” LOL! Really! It doesn’t matter if I’m on my back or if my partner is on their back – it’s always the best because we’re able to make powerful energy together.

The other tattoo I have is located on the back of my neck. This tattoo is kind of odd, but significant. There was a time in my life that I didn’t care what people thought of me and my attitude was “if you don’t like me, fuck off.” So, I had a friend of mine draw something – free hand on my neck. Even though I still don’t care what people think about me, I really no longer have the attitude I had about it before. Now, I’m more like “if you don’t like me, that’s too bad, I’m pretty rad” … So, the tattoo I have on my neck is of a weird looking egg face with blue flame surrounding it and a simple glove-covered hand flipping “you” off. I will sometimes be very mindful of this tattoo and if someone is sitting behind me or I sense someone staring at me, I will apologize for the rude remark of my tattoo. I am not apologizing for offending them or expressing any kind of regret for my tattoo, but I’m just aware that some people would assume something about me that isn’t true and I absolutely hate it when people judge me because of my tattoos.

One idea I have for my chest is connected to the pentacle idea. I will have two large pentacles on my chest, near my collarbone line. Yeah, that’s going to hurt! But unlike the two that are going on my feet/ankle area, these two on my chest will be an apple core chopped in half so the pentacle will be rather hidden within the apple core. Instead of being a bluntly obvious pentacle, it will be five seeds within an apple that’s been cut in half.

Another idea is that I will have a huge tree on my back with a woman (specific tarot card drawing) leaning up against the trunk. This is very much still in the brainstorming phases, but It will take up my entire back. Now that I think about it, maybe it will be an apple tree since I’m going to have a split apple on my chest *hum, I like that!


Left arm (from shoulder to elbow) – I have a collection of three tattoos here. First, one is a cover-up. On my 18th birthday, my sister took me to get my first tattoo. I was so excited. I went to the local tattoo shop and picked one out. It was small and very simple. It was a lion. I was very proud of it – for about a week! I started really looking at it and realized it was horrible artwork. There was no detail, no color, and the lines were weak. So, years later, I covered it with a larger, more colorful lion’s face. Why a lion, you ask? Well, I’m a Leo =) I absolutely love this tattoo because I think it has my expression on its face. It’s very smug and strong. It’s not angry and no teeth are showing. Instead, it’s full of bright yellow and oranges (with green eyes) and a full mane of wild hair (just like me) – oh wait! No! I don’t have green eyes, I have brown eyes – but everything else is similar.

Another tattoo is an Ankh. It’s an Egyptian symbol for life – enough said!

The other is the Om symbol without the little swish on the backside of it. There are two meanings behind this one. One, of course is the Om meaning. I meditate often and enjoy listening to Om meditations. The other meaning (because the swish isn’t there) is tied to the Sanskrit language, and the symbol means “lion.”


Left arm (from elbow to wrist) – Finished, covered and my favorite tattoo. This particular one could be considered multiple tattoos or it could be considered one. Three different artists did it. I went through five different sessions and I think this one was the most expensive to purchase. The woman represents my moon sign – Aquarius. She is holding a jug of water and she is pouring it out into a lake. There’s a crescent moon behind her and the clouds are rolling through during sunset times with pinks and purples engulfing her. He hair blows in the breeze and there is an expression of solitude on her face. She is wearing a Reissuance style harlot dress (because I used to dress as a harlot for the Reissuance fairs I attended regularly). On the inside of my arm there are many symbols that represent the Universal connection that my internal being has to my moon sign. It’s a powerful reminder for me.


Left hand – no tattoos – Nothing is planned. I believe I will only tattoo my hands if 1) I run out of space or 2) I ever get married – a hand fasting, actually – never married. Instead of wearing a ring, I will tattoo something on my finger. Because if I ever, and I mean EVER, meet someone worthy enough to share my life with in that way it will be for the rest of my life … There is much more that goes with that story, but I will save it for another time …


Shoulders – This will be a “catch all” area, I think. Other than the tattoo I will get for my mother, which will be a large scorpion (because she’s a Scorpio) located on my right shoulder (looking over the rest of my family – that description is next), my shoulders will be used as connection pieces of the tree on my back and/or the ivy growing upwards from my left foot. I will most likely have a bunch of critters too on my shoulders.


Right arm (from shoulder to elbow) – this is an entire dedication to my family. I have four already here and I am working on another one for my aunt (plus the idea of my mom too). I have a wilted purple and blue rose (representing my father’s mother – my nana – her middle name was “Rose”) looking over the matching tattoo I have with my sister, which says “two sisters joined forever: Nettie & JoJo” with two hearts and an old school style ribbon wrapped around them. Below that, I have a large hand bell and a blue butterfly representing my mother’s mother (well, her aunt actually, but she raised my mom and I grew up knowing her as Nani). The reason I got the hand bell and a butterfly is because Nani used to collect bells. I remember, as a child, I would always ding her bells and just enjoy it. I have three or four of her bells in my house that I still ring regularly. The butterfly reminds me of her backyard, where I used to chase butterflies and play with nature. Then, I didn’t know anything about faeries or magical creatures … interesting how I’m in my 30s and I’m playing with butterflies and magical creatures again in my own backyard *beautiful!

The other tattoo I have is located on the backside of my arm and it says “Bruno,” written in stack style … Bruno is my last name =)

The dedication tattoo I will have for my aunt will go on the inside of my arm – above the elbow pit – and it will be an Ace of hearts and a Jack of hearts. The Ace will be behind the Jack because the Ace represents “Auntie” and the Jack represents “Jo” and she always had my back when she was alive and this will be a reminder for me that she still has my back in death. *gee, I miss that woman so much* Her and I used to sit for hours and play cards. We would sometimes start a game and have to finish it the following day, hence the cards.


Right arm – elbow to wrist – This is in conjunction with my moon sign tattoo on my left arm. Here, you’ll find a collection of three artist’s work combined to make one beautiful image. On the inside of the arm, I have the symbol for sun (a circle with a dot in the middle) located near my wrist. Above that is the typical astrological sign for Leo. Coming off the sun symbol, are a bunch of flames that wrap around my wrist and travel up to my elbow. There are bright colors of blue, yellow, orange and red …


Right hand ­– No tattoos and no ideas


Right leg (from hip to knee) – I have recently started a doodle leg. My friend is using me as “live practice material” because she’s working on her tattoo certificate so she can own her own tattoo shop. She’s started drawing freehand on my leg and I have, so far, five falling leaves with colorful fall colors. We are unsure how many leaves will be here and what other ideas she may have, but right now it’s up for inspirational tattooing.

Another idea on this leg is in respects to my two surgeries from when I broke my femur and had everything removed. I have two large scars and two small scars that I want to try to make into zippers. Most likely, I will not find a tattoo artist who will tattoo over the scars because they’re so awkward to tattoo over, but I want to make zippers out of them somehow. I want to put a memorial of the high school I went to. I want to put the street sign that literally saved my life in between the zippers too. Maybe even a pirate face since I was a proud Pirate during high school.


Right leg (from knee to ankle) – I have two tattoos already and I’m starting to brainstorm other ideas. I have a dedication to Johnny Cash on the back of my calf, which is a man’s wedding ring engulfed in flames, which represents a “burning ring of fire.” It also has his name and the year he was born and the year he died. The song spoke to me during a depression spell when my boyfriend left me and I decided to get this tattoo as a reminder of how painful and sweet love is.

The other tattoo is located at the base of my leg, just above the anklebone. A very vibrant, badass dragon is ripping through my skin. Actually, it’s meant to look like it’s going straight through my leg because the tail of the dragon is on the inside of my leg and the dragon’s body is on the outside of my leg. However, I will be covering the tail with another idea I have because I just don’t like the way it looks anymore. The body of the dragon I will keep and probably make the tearing skin look a bit better. This tattoo represents a time in my life when I felt there was something powerful within me that I didn’t know how to control so I suppressed it. The energy within me kept bottled up and eventually exploded. I got this tattoo in my early 20s, but I still never allowed this energy to be free until my late 20s into my 30s. It’s real interesting to me to see this tattoo because when I got it I was feeling like, “I’m hiding my true self from others because I’m scared, but I want to get this tattoo to remind myself of who I am even though I’m unable to show people.” Now, however, I look at this tattoo as, “Damn! I finally let it out! That’s me!” It’s neat!

Other ideas – Like I mentioned, I want to cover the tail of the dragon. What I’ve decided to cover it with is Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent is my favorite villainess. Yeah, she’s considered “evil,” but she is Top Dog when it comes to magical creatures in Walt Disney’s mind. Maleficent has become the leader of other villains and villainess’ when cartoons would overlap. Furthermore, according to Mac Dictionary/Wikipedia, Maleficent is “causing or capable of causing harm or destruction, esp. by supernatural means” and in Astrology, it is “relating to the planets Saturn and Mars, traditionally considered to have an unfavorable influence.” Again, this is “evil,” but, like the Marvin the Martian tattoo, I am not evil or wishing harm to anyone. Instead, it is a reminder that there are powerful energies out there that will fight against me. And, like Maleficent as a Disney character, I have the power to fight against them. I will always use my power for good – never evil – and I believe I’m capable of having the strength that Maleficent has. She’s a leader. She’s strong and powerful. She’s smart. She has wisdom beyond her years, and even though she uses her powerful for “evil,” she is still pretty badass!

Do you see a connection yet?!

In the movie, Maleficent turns into a large dragon at the end of the move, right? Well, on the outside of this leg is a dragon, which oddly enough, looks very similar to the dragon she turns into. Watching the movie as a kid, I was never interested in the romance. Instead, I was more interested in the magic of Maleficent. Nothing’s changed there =)


Right foot – I have one tattoo – no other ideas other than the twined twig pentacle idea. The tattoo there is the number 76. It’s time for a huge story – as if I haven’t already been telling stories, right – lol! First, we’ll start with numerology. 76 = 4 (7+6=13 and 1+3=4) following along? Well, there are 4 significant things in my life that represent the number 76. Coincidence? I don’t think so. The first significance is the house I grew up on. I lived in the same house for 20 something years and I have hundreds of very fond memories (as well as not so good memories) of living there. The second significance is 1976 was when my sister was born. She’s my sister; I loves her! The third significance is my ’76 Chevy truck. It was my first vehicle. I loved that thing so much. I drove it like a boss and I treated it very well. Even though it was a gas-guzzler and leaked oil all over the place, it was the perfect truck for me. Until, one day, I blew two head gaskets and it went down hill from there. I did, however, rebuild half of the engine (with the help of some good men) but it was too late. I had to put my truck to rest eventually. I gave it to my friend who used it for scraps. I want to try to get my cab and tailgate back (if they hasn’t been destroyed) so I can use them for garden art. But we’ll see. The forth and final significance to the number 76 is, oddly enough, the 76 gas station. The good men I mentioned above, who helped me fix my truck, all worked at the 76 gas station/auto mechanic shop. I spent many hours there with those guys and I became very good friends with all of them. I no longer talk to any of them, but regardless they were very important to me at the time. One individual was the last married man I was with. He told me I deserved better out of life and that being with married men was selling myself short. I only had a hand full of sexual encounters with him. Him and I were more like friends than anything else. But sometimes, we couldn’t hold back our attraction for each other. This is one marriage I almost messed up – but in the end, the man always stays with the wife. A very hard lesson I had to learn. He helped me learn it though and this tattoo will forever be a reminder to NEVER EVER EVER be the mistress again! I’m worth more than that.


WHOA!!! That’s a lot eh! I wonder if there’s anything I’ve missed *time to reread and make sure I got everything* Okay, wow! Yeah! That’s a lot. If you read through that entire thing, I give you a virtual HIGH 5! Thank you! While rereading it, I did forgot some things …


I will get Taz (yes, Tasmanian Devil from old school Bugs Bunny cartoons) somewhere on my cartoon leg because he’s just too darn cute! I will have him dressed in fishnet stockings and high heels. He might even have a pink tutu and a bullwhip. I will not share details about why that is … I will just tell you that the term “freak in bed” fits me well.

The other things I forgot to mention was the fifth pentacle idea and a small tattoo I will get. The reason I forgot to mention these were because they will be located on the mound of my vagina. I never introduced the reader to that section of my body. Save the best for last, right? Well, one idea is that there will be a small (like the size of a dime) pentacle on my mound. Most likely, I will have this done with no hard lines, meaning there will be no black lines. Instead, I will pick a color (the day I get the tattoo) and have a very simple pentacle without any real detail. The other tattoo will also go on my bikini line somewhere. It’s going to be a stick figure “mowing the lawn” with an old push mower. I just really liked the idea after I saw it on some guy’s balding head.

So, that’s it! My body is my temple. Since I am detoxing my body in the coming months, I felt it was relevant to share the outer parts of my body too. I am going to share some real in depth things while doing this blog and it’s important to respect my body – both inside and out.


Many Blessings


One thought on “My beautiful, modified body

  1. Jamie says:

    Wow, Jo Ann, thanks for sharing all that (I did read the whole thing). I don’t have any tattoos, and I really don’t plan on getting any, but you are definitely an amazing inspiration of what someone can show the world with their body art. I’d love to see you tattoos when you’re done.

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