Support Group(s)

In some way or another, we all have people who support us. Sometimes we go through an event in our lives and it seems we don’t have anyone to support us or encourage us to following through with things, but I believe there is always someone who will be there when we experience things that are important to our lives. I pray that people have support from their friends and loved ones because it is extremely important to have people who support us. It means a lot when we can rely on people when we’re going through life events that are difficult or trying. It is equally important to have people around when we celebrate something.

First, I want to thank you, the reader, for subscribing to this blog because you are showing me support. When I get an email about someone who is following me, I’m excited because it shows me that people are interested in what I have to say as well as showing me that people care. You may not comment on any of my blogs and you and I may not ever get the chance to have a conversation, but nonetheless, you’re showing me support in my decision to make a lifestyle change that is going to be difficult to do. For that, I thank you!

Second, I want to talk about my mother for a moment. She is one of my biggest supporters. My mom and I didn’t get along very well when I was a teenage. Her and I fought a lot – and I mean, busted eyes, broken noses, and thrown tools; the works! Her and I would call each other all the names in the book and absolutely make each other’s lives a living hell. It lasted for about 5 years, really. I started getting more and more angry as I went through Jr. High and she would get more and more drunk; so, the combination was not good. Well, she got sick and had a series of seizers and shortly after that, we almost lost my sister and her son when she was giving birth to him. These two events led the relationship between my mom and I to change. It changed drastically. I finally put aside my anger toward my parents (my dad left us for another woman when I was 8 and it effected me a lot. I was real close with my dad when I was young. Now, however, we hardly talk). Anyways à after all the stuff with my mom and my sister happened, I put aside my anger and finally started to respect her. I changed the way I reacted to her drunken episodes and I even started caring for her when she was ill. Her and I didn’t talk about much except what needed to be taken care of for her seizers. It wasn’t until I was about 22 when I finally talked to her and we hashed out a lot of stuff. We cried. We laughed. We shared our points of view with each other, and in the end, her and I have much respect for each other. I don’t really consider her my friend either. I’ve heard some mother/daughter relationships that seem more like friendships then anything else. It’s not like that. She’s my mommy! I still call her mommy. It may sound weird, but I love that woman and couldn’t think of calling her anything else. Well, this woman is traveling over 300 miles to come spend a week with me while I am going through my cleanse. She is leaving her life and routine to come help me through part of this process. When I am cramping and crying because the pain is nearly unbearable, she will be there to make me some tea, rub my head and make sure I am as comfortable as I can be. She will also be spending many nights with me in front of the computer, watching funny TV shows. Her and I will do some yard work if I’m up for it. We will talk, laugh and make our bond stronger. I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed her, a lot. I haven’t seen her in about 8 months, and that’s a long time for us. I used to live with her and we used to sit together and just talk for hours. Even though we do talk on the phone about once or twice a week, it’s not the same; I miss her! It will be nice to have her with me.

Third, the best bestie ever. This woman means more to me than any other human on this earth. I have known her for nearly 10 years (in this life, anyways) and I cannot imagine my life without her. She feels the same way. Her and I have worked on so many things together and we have built a sisterhood unlike any other relationship I’ve ever known to exist. She will come over in the middle of the night if I need her to. She will make sure my yard work is taken care of. She will make sure nothing happens to me. In addition, she will be going through her own mini detox too. Her and I will stop smoking together and she will join me on the 48-hour cleans (please see the “why I’m doing this page” if you want details). This woman lifted me up when I was down. I was still working at the warehouse (see previous blog) when I met her. We shared a mutual friend and we finally started hanging out. There was a moment in our relationship that things got weird, but we finally realized we were confusing our feelings for each other. We were drawn to each other and we wanted to be with each other, but at the time, we were confusing the feelings of respect, compassion, pure love and spirit connection with other feelings that messed things up. But, we worked through it, of course, and we have such a strong sisterhood now. I seriously cannot put into words how this woman has changed my life and lifted me to the place I am today. Seriously, without her influence, I would not be who I am today.

Forth, my group of goddesses. There are about 5 women who I have connected with on different levels. These women are my fellow goddesses. They are my fellow artists. I have invited them over (along with other women) to create powerful, goddess energy in my home. It’s beautiful what we’ve accomplished together. Well, these women and I are on an understanding that if I ask them for help it is because I need some of their energy and some of their power to strengthen myself. They’re full aware that I will be borrowing their energy so I can rejuvenate myself to meditate or whatever else I need to do. I am so grateful for having these women in my life because if it wasn’t for them, I would not have the opportunity to share this life changing experience with them. Not only do I need it, but I believe they need it too. I believe they need to see another woman go through something this intense and be witness to the transformation and outcome. It’s important for all of us.

Fifth, and finally, my colleagues at work. I work closely with five people who are aware of my upcoming experience and all of them have extended their hand to me. I honestly believe these people will be my connection to the future. I will keep in contact with them to remind me of what I have to look forward to. I will most likely never invite them to my house and I will probably not see them at work. But, I will keep in contact via email or text throughout the experience. I feel they will be supporting me without even knowing it. I feel they will be proud of me throughout this process and afterwards. Especially my boss. He is the only man in my life who I respect. He and I will be working very closely with each other, starting in October. We will most likely be spending a lot of time together. Even though I will be done with the cleanse and detox, he will be my support after the fact. He has already informed me that he will be here for me if I need him. And, I’m sure I’m going to need him. He’s become a special person in my life and I don’t want to not have him there when I’m going through this. I’m not sure why, but there’s a reason. I will learn it eventually, I have no doubt!

So, there’s my support group. It’s a large group of people who will be my rock when I need a boost out of the water. They will be my rope when I jump off the cliff and swing to the other side of the canal. They will be the bridge I walk across when I need to travel from one realm to the next. My support group will encourage me. They will help me. They will love me. They will be my friends, my companions and trusted advisors throughout this process. If it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to succeed in this process. I would not be able to stay strong and accomplish my goals. Like I mentioned, those people include you, the reader. I believe in the pay it forward idea; because you have supported me, I vow to support you in anything you do. I have vowed to support and love the people in my life and you, the reader, are now part of that circle. It is an amazing circle to be in, believe me! I will show you love, compassion and I will challenge you all at the same time – probably all during the same conversation, actually. I digress; I will be here for you when you need someone. If you’re thinking about doing your own cleanse, I’ll help you out. When you’re sad and just need someone to listen, I’ll be here. When you’re extremely happy and want to celebrate with someone, I’ll be here! Even if you decide not to reach out and contact me for any of those things, just know that there is always someone out there who will support you in what you do. Find those people and accomplish your dreams. *Blessed Be*


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