Chaos & Spirit ~ Who will take the challenge?!


I wrote this about a week ago. I’ve been trying to find peace within chaos and it seems to be working. I’m also working on my anger and egowhich has been difficult – but I’m doing better with it. I’m up to three days a week on my punching bag and I’m on day 5 of squats. Once I have a routine with those two things I will add crunches to the regimen. I have lost over 40 lbs since early april and by next april, I wish to lose another 40 lbs. Wish me luck! I’m preparing for what’s to come. I’m trying different ways to calm myself. I’m finding new ways of growing. I’ve dug deep into my past and it’s taught me a lot. I’ve learned many lessons since I started this entire detox and today I am grateful for all of it. The pain, heartache and confusion are, indeed, the things that have made my path clear. Changing our thought process is difficult, and almost feels impossible sometimes. Our habits get the best of us. But, they can change. We can change if we so choose. I will be the woman I wish to be because I’ve taken the challenge ❤

~~~~ Start Poetry ~~~~

Heartache, pain and confusion are the

human form submerged into chaos.

Acceptance is key

when fighting against life’s struggles.

Moments of chaos

turn into peaceful moments.

Those moments

help Spirit become the

prominent force through struggle.

There’s a void in the soul,

almost a painful black hole,

when chaos controls life.

Acceptance is key

when fighting against life’s struggles.

Faith in Spirit is

faith in human form.

Acceptance in human chaos brings

acceptance in peace.

Is there a veil

between Human Chaos

and Spiritual Peace?

Can there be a bridge

to cross?

Is the bridge even noticeable?

From the Human Chaos

grab debris.

From the heartache

gather dirt, rocks and twigs.

From the pain

pick up a the pieces.

From the heartache

find twine.

Take the debris

Take the dirt, rocks and twigs

Take the pieces of your heart

And bind it all with the twine

Clean up those cuts and bruises

Heal the Human Form

by Accepting the Human Chaos.

If the bridge is invisible,

throw all your shit in front of you!

The bridge will become clear

because those pieces you’ve picked up

will, indeed, form a path for you.

Will you take the challenge?


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