There’s a change … Ready for it?!

That’s right! Shit ’bout to change round here! I have spent the last 7 months reflecting on my life. There is so much history posted on this blog that I wonder how long it’ll be in the virtual world. Forever? Sweet! Maybe my memoir, that I’m writing now, will add to the accomplishments I’ve made. That’ll be cool!

But really … what am I going to do now, you ask? Well, first of all, I’m not too interested in reflecting on my life anymore. I’m so done! I honestly believe I’ve dug deep enough that I can’t dig any deeper. Hitting rock bottom really is when things get clear. And, I’ve hit rock bottom a few times. I have no doubt it’ll happen again. That’s fine! I’ll be ready for it this time.

After my detox and my trip to Haiti, I totally realized that I’m fucking awesome. I mean, I got shit about me that people find annoying, but whatever. Even those annoyances are awesome. LOL! Nah, but really! I have a gift. My perspective is unique. The fact that I don’t retain the information after I’ve said it really is something I am grateful for. There is already so much chatter, I wouldn’t want to remember the details of everything I say and do. Because, honestly, I say and do way too much to remember it all. I’m done trying to remember. So, I’m done reflecting. I’m happy with the depth to which I dug and I’m ready to expand.

The expansion will be a work in progress. Right now I am full of so much compassion and love I cannot contain myself. I’m starting to get a bit sad, these days, but I know exactly why it is and I am reminding myself that the Universe is listening. The turn around has been quick. So, even in my sadness, I am finding that I am still hopeful. I am still in love. My desires have heightened and I am ready to experience them on any and all levels I can.

There are quite a few people who are receiving direct messages. I am expressing and expanding myself in many directions. I’m ready to make one of those focal points, this blog. My writing style has changed a bit too. So, that will be an interesting progression to see.

So, here we go! This is the beginning! I’m ready … are you?! I sure hope so. This journey would be boring without you.


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