Unedited Rant

So, I had a conversation with a woman today who proclaimed herself as an “ignorant white woman.” I got a little heated in discussion but she listened to me. She was floored by some of the things we talked about. I couldn’t even tell you how it started really, but it was amazing. She really had no idea. Even though her ego was pretty huge, her and I had a decent discussion. Yeah, I got a bit ghetto on her and I probably cussed a few times, but damn! I think I had to just to get through her ignorance … Anyways … here’s some of the highlights …

First, which started the irritation on my part, was when she said Tyrone Martin in a whisper and followed it up with, “what if a black cop shot a white kid?” Okay, first of all … It’s Trayvon not Tyrone … and second it would equally suck for that family too. I explained to her why there was such an uproar behind this murder. He was pretty much hunted down and shot. Then the cop pretty much just walks away from the situation. When I touched upon the whole wearing hoodies stereotype she was speechless. She didn’t a) know about any of the bullshit profiling cops do and b) couldn’t come up with anything to say in agreement or disagreement.

Another peek was when she said, “If we just ignore it, it’ll go away, because we’re all of the same human race” … Now, as I do agree that we are of the same human race, I argued that even though we’re of the same human race, many people don’t care to accept that as being equal in society. I explained to her how “lighter is better” and how her and I both have “white privilege.” She really didn’t like the topic of white privilege though. I asked her why it bugged her so much and she didn’t know why. That’s when she said …

“Racism only exists because we allow to exist.” Well yes, that’s true, but because people have allowed it to exist for so long, we need to talk about it and stop it from continuing to exist, right? Again, she was speechless.

Recently, people have been telling me that I need to speak to “my people.” I didn’t understand what that meant until today. What I said to her, I believe, really stuck. The look on her face when I counteracted her claims was quite rewarding. I think she got it. I hope she got it. Even if she got a little. I hope she took something useful away from that conversation.

I’ve always been passionate about racial issues and social expectation. It wasn’t until 2010 when I read Race Matters by Cornell West. That book changed my life. It changed my path in 2010. Just last year I saw him speak at University of Oregon and I had the opportunity to ask him what we do now. “Now that you’ve shared your wisdom with us and motivated us to create this wonderful energy that’s created in here right now, what do we do with it? How do we bring this out and help the youth.” ~ Or something like that – Well, you know what he said? “Laughter! Listen to Richard Prior. Laugh hard. Don’t giggle … Laugh!” And for cyin’ out loud! He was right!

I’ve continued to laugh – even when I’m in a heated discussion about race – it’s helped me. It’s helped the people I converse with. Yeah, even though I can get intense and I will get bitchy and loud … I kept a smile upon my face and I laughed with her. I agreed with her, but challenged her too.

I hope it helped …

HUMAN RIGHTS: A fight worth fighting for

Let’s get one thing straight. This message comes from a place that, I have faith, many people can – and do – comprehend. It comes from that place deep down inside of us. When we have internal dialog with ourselves – you know – our thought process. That’s where this is coming from. Except, it’s not that shallow … I’m going to take it deeper – way deeper – because this specific message is a collective of many things. This message isn’t just from my personal thought process. It’s from yours, too.

Society is fucked up! We can all agree with this, right? We can agree that while some of us are enjoying a hot meal, with no thought of where it came from or how lucky we are to eat it, others are having a hard time finding enough food to nourish their bodies. As some of us are buying new electronics and disposing of old electronics as if it’s no big deal, others are having to recycle those electronics in ways that are harmful to us, and the entire atmosphere. As some of us are running our heaters to keep warm, others are suffering with sleeping outside. As some of us are resting in the comfort of our own homes, with our families, others are walking the streets and fighting against a cause.

My point is that human perspectives are unique. We all experience life differently and we all have a story. We’re all entitled to our opinions, our desires, and our passions. Every single one of us has the individual right to do whatever we decide to do. It’s always a decision. Every one of us can – and should – follow our dreams. Does it seem weird to others? So what?! Are you afraid of rejection?! Get over it! Is there an overwhelming feeling of confusion or direction?! Ignore that and just take a step! The journey is unknown, but we’ll never figure out what life is about if we don’t take that step.

From recent discussions I have had with a multitude of people, it seems that many are living life in fear. Life for them is scary. I’ve talked to young ladies (of all ethnicities) who are scared to speak their mind because they feel society doesn’t want to listen to them. I’ve heard the concerns of young black men who are terrified to be involved in a traffic violation because they fear they will be violated, disrespected, wrongly accused , and killed by the cops. I listened to the confessions of older white women who are scared for their own lives because they’re lost in the FoxNewsWorld and believe the TVLies. I have read countless blogs and underground freedom writing that focuses on the fight against this fear. I have encountered people who, regardless of their cultural backgrounds, respect and understand how important it is to work together – now, more than ever.

And … This is where my message comes in! …

We need to stop fighting against each other and start working on strengthening our connection as a People. I have a perspective that will help you. You have knowledge that I need. Why can’t we share with each other? Why does it have to be awkward? What are you afraid of? How long do we have to wait to get to know each other before we can discuss our passions for life? Is it really a bad thing when I cry? Why haven’t you cried? Oh, can we cry together? Are you capable of that? How about a hug that lasted more than three seconds? Do you know what that feels like?

Yes! I ask these questions directly to you – the reader! Answer them! – Shit! Comment on this blog and answer them. Let’s have a conversation about this. Can’t do it?! Why not?! What’s stopping you from expressing your thoughts, passions, fears, and concerns? What’s stopping you from sharing your desires, hopes, and dreams? The more we talk about it, the more we can create stronger connections by providing our knowledge to each other. Every time we share a story about anything, we plant a seed in the mind of the listener. Every time we vocalize our thoughts, we go through a different thought process, which allows us to strengthen our original thoughts.

If you try to tell me that you don’t want this; you’re a liar! I don’t believe you! There’s no fucking way I feel this passionate about it and it’s only me who’s feeling it. I’ll be damned if I believe there are only a few, small groups who think like this. I refuse to believe our thoughts aren’t increasing in activities in our daily lives. Have you noticed it?

Really, I’m not joking. Ask yourself … Have my thoughts gotten more extreme or excessive in the last couple of years … Have I experienced something that caused me to change my belief structure, which probably in turn, changed or rushed my thought process – and maybe even actions? Has any of that happened to you yet? If you said yes, welcome to the enlightened stage!

This is only part of the journey, too. It’s all part of the process. Some sentient beings are connecting with others without even knowing it. The messages are there all the time. Only those who are listening receive them. Are you paying attention? Do you hear that inner voice of yours? Do you listen to it? Do you follow the advice it gives you? If not, I suggest you do. That voice, the basic dialog we have with ourselves, is essential to a happy life. Do you ever get a twinge in your inner core that guides you somewhere? That’s the same power as the voices.

Let me clarify something, too. Don’t you dare judge me for saying I listen to the voices in my head. They’re there for a reason. They’re there to guide me. They’re there to teach me. What is your inner voice teaching you? Before you try to tell me that I’m crazy because I admit to having a full conversation with my inner voice, why not listen to your own inner voice and find your own truth. I have found my truth. I have found who I am. I know my calling in life. Can you say the same about yourself? I sure hope you can!

Again, let me clarify. I am not coming from a place of judgment or a place that signifies that I’m better than anyone else. That just ain’t me – never has been! I’m coming from a place of struggle, fear, fights, understanding, compassion, and personal growth. You can go back to some of my previous blogs and learn where I’m coming from. I’ve shared my story. I’ve accepted my story. I love my story.

The messages: I am fighting the fight for a better tomorrow. I am fighting the fight for internal dialog, outside influences, and social titles that don’t mean anything. Yes, I am struggling in life. However, I am honest, real, vocal, passionate, powerful, strong, and ready to continue struggling because it’s who I am supposed to be. You don’t have to understand me on the level to which I understand myself. I don’t need to understand you on that level either. But, the one thing I do believe will make our experience stronger is by sharing life together. I’ve learned that I cannot do things by myself; I’ve tried; it doesn’t work.

I’m officially asking if you have tapped into your own internal dialog on the level that allowed you to understand your own fears, passions, and desires. I’m asking if you’re willing to share my journey. I’m asking if you’d join me, please! I need you!