Quickies are okay, even after this much time has passed

Disclaimer: this was written on my iPad without a edit … Forgive typos or autocorrects …

It’s been a year since my detox started. Since I started this blog. Since awakening the inner goddess and allowing the blood to release. It’s been four months since being back from Haiti. I graduate in two months. I’m working hard, but hardly working at all. It’s not easy, but I’m plating every chance I get. My little girl needs to play. She’s sad. She’s lonely. She’s remembering a lot! New blogs that are coming will be quite different then before. Yes, more stories about me … Lol … But, not in the same sense as before. I’m telling a story now. Im not recalling memories. My little girl has taken over for awhile and she has some really fun stories to tell you…

The woman in me is quite strong right now too. I am not only loving my little girl, I’m loving everything that comes a long with it. It’s brought new light to my life. It’s brought love to my life. The depth of my love right now in so deep I have yet to hit the bottom … Is there a bottom to that depth, or does it just swoop around and eventually become up … I like that! There is no bottom to my depth if love because it’s never ending. It’s the entire air I breathe around me. I breathe love.

The connections I have made recently have brought me to realize that if I just paid attention, id find my direction. I will find everything I need if I pay attention to what is presented to me. The numbers have been speaking to me too. Universal prime numbers have been daily in my life. I need to do some much needed research on the number 3. It’s always been the number 5 for me, but it anymore! Everything is happening in threes. Idk! 11:11 has popped up so many times it’s kind of scary. The last time this happened, on this level … Damn … I started my path of “witchcraft” … I know I followed the signs then and I got where I am today … How awesome to see that because I know wherever I’m going next will be just as awesome if not more so.

So here I am, in my bedroom with my coffee, listening to birds, and enjoying the smells of spring (stupid allergies). I’m sad today. It feels heavy after the full moon. That eclipse was beautiful. I love the power of the universe, for sure. But there’s a slight stickiness today. I start my day in just a little bit and I don’t wanna but I hafta!

Many blessings to you and yours


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