Thank You

My hips move to the hip
Hop of your vibes
My energy cannot be
Created or destroyed
Only changed 

Changed when
You’re near and
When you’re not
I still feel you here
Within me
Changing the inner depths of me
Those depths that
Only you’ve touched

My ocean floors have been
Walked on
The footprints have been
Tattooed in my skin
In my soul
In my mind, body, and spirit 

That five-point star
Now wrapped with
Pieces of the puzzle
Bright colorful
Ties me to the bed frame
Of our labyrinth maze 

Amazing travels over
Ocean floors
You’ve brought me home
Grounding to the depths
Of my love 

Looking over my shoulder
I see me and
I thank you


Keepin’ it real


Political systems
Cement walls
Heavy air
It’s difficult to breath

Smelling the old
Is trigging the old
It smells like death
The triggers are like death 

A part of me died
Inside that darkness
Only to transform into light
Reborn is what I’ve become

The hustle on the streets
Is the same money made in the system
It is only taxable
Not stacks on stacks 

It’s systematic
Little boxes
No room
No movement

Bruce Lee said be like water
So, I’m fluid
Leaking through the cracks
Freedom to breath 

I will not stay shackled
Working in the system
That don’t work 

Breaking from it
I will find another way
To paint a world we love
So, when you need my brightness
Just holla 

I’ll be there, waitin
For those who travel in the system
When you’re ready to change it
My passion will be ready in the streets

Together we will find that balance
Between institution and the streets
Together black and white
The free and the proud

Our voice loud
In unison and justice
No titles needed
Because we are of one entity

We the people
The 99%
Nah, fuck that
We keeping it 100
Even in the system