Upcoming Journey

What’s to come is full of passion
I will piss more people off
I will continue to work the fuckery of my emotions to guide me through life
When I want to share something, I’ll share
Forceful, people might see it
Ambition is what I call it
The shit I have to say will be heard
If the people who were involved with the heartache do not read my words
I have hope the words will be read by someone who can take advice from my passion and heartache

Everything I write will continue to have “I” statements and everything I write and speak will be truth
The things I am going to see
The people I am going to meet
The streets I am going to walk
The fights I am going to cause
The love I am going to bring
The compassion I am going to teach
The empathy I am going to own
The fear I am going to kill

My heart is broken
I trusted the wrong people
Family is slim
Friends are slimmer
I’ve pulled back my energy
There’s nothing more to give
I’ve internalized once again

It’s happened
I will continue to cry
But people will not see many tears
I will speak with a shaky voice
My eyes will gloss over a bit
Will a tear fall? I doubt it …

I trust nobody!
And that’s scary!