Bay Area Quickies

I’ve sold my home in Oregon
I’m at my moms, tying up some deals
I’m heading to Colorado in a few days.
Being here has been an experience, for sure. I’ve visited people and places I haven’t been to in years. Seriously has me feeling some kind of way, for sure. People have offered me work, places to stay, and support that was unexpected and much appreciative. I can’t stay though. Not because I don’t want to – but because I can’t. I’m not running away from anything. There’s good stuff here, yeah, but it’s not enough. I need more. I need different. I need nature, trees, greenery, healthy air quality, nicer people, and outright new people in my life. My ambitions are too many, and too strong to stay stagnant. Finding a job here, living somewhere nice, and getting a routine in the grind of the Bay Area is far from any ambition or dream I have for myself. Please don’t be mad at me for that.
My travels will be published on my social media networks. I am seriously on a mission. I have no clue what I’m doing but I’m doing it. I’m emotionally unstable because I’m still healing from the damage done months ago. My love has grown deeper in the last couple of days and there is no way I am going to settle right now. My vision is beyond this place.
I have taken a path that is unknown. I’m traveling a well worn path because I feel our ancestors’ energy with me. I’m not lost. I’m not confused. I’m sure as hell not dense, egotistical or narcissistic. This mission will be the foundation of the word of our ancestors. To communicate is extremely important to me. This journey will help me, as #CupOfJoBruno, to find the strength, courage, and wisdom to know how to speak the words properly and in enough respect to gift them to The People.
I can’t do that in the Bay Area. But my heart will be here. All my hard work will come back here. I will make sure that what ever it is I’m doing as I’m traveling with the ancestors will be noticed in the Bay Area. You better believe that when I write my next bio or writers blurb, I will represent the 925.
I am a white female who grew up in the streets of Pittsburg , California. I’m a product of 80s rap in the Bay Area. Or shall I say Yay Area? I am a rear breed, indeed. I’ve identified a few of us , but we are rare. I will take my Bay Area flare with me everywhere I go. When I’m speaking the truth of the ancestors, I will make sure my little girl is playing right along with them.
So, just because I’m leaving doesn’t mean I’m not still here. I got your back, no matter where I’m at! is where you can find me.


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