Awaiting the brightness …

Structured differences and systematic normalities separate us from what we hold true to our moral stand point of life, love, and family. Identifying our personal, independent paths will bring more strength to the fight of unity and community. They say to keep our circles small and private but that doesn’t build a foundation of what we need for The People or as The People. Finding that internal balance of oneness within myself and giving my energy and love to my neighbor is difficult when the individualism has become corporate gain and consumption. Disregarding life’s passion and genuine concern for The People has caused more pain for our Mother Earth. To be the change I wish to see in the world, I will continue to work with the soil of the earth. The structured differences and systematic living must become compassionate conversation and communal action if we are to live fully with love and light.

Building our foundation out of broken glass shards will be easy if we embrace the pain on our bare feet as part of the love we share. There’s no need to force the situation because what we are seeking as individuals is seeking us too. Something has happened within my enteral being, and I’m aware that things will grow to fruition when the time is right for both of us. Awaiting your embrace, naked conversations, and explosion of unity, I sit and contemplate how wonderfully our beings will create brightness in each other’s lives.

But the strange and rewarding thing about it all is that I don’t know who you are or where and when we will find each other.


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