Two Oppressed Lives in One Privileged Body

This is a piece I wrote over the last few months. With the heartache and pain of The People, and as an universal empath, these words come to me through dreams, visions, travels, conversations, and the unconditional love that has bloomed within me.

My skin is pale and Privileged White

This Spirit, however, is not …

The wisdom acquired against the fight

Has tighten The Eternal Knot

Intertwined with the fabric of our Ancestors

It’s beyond anything we can touch or see

This body mistreated by The Social Creators

And my spirit endured the waves of The Sea

Unlike the Leusden, my roaming Vessel will stay afloat

This Spirit plummeting deeper than those who have died

Unknown destinations for the course of this one-woman boat

But a Ronin, indeed, I am loyal to those who encouraged my death

No matter where My Spirit travels in the Journey of Life

This body is responsible for the Path of God’s Wonders

My spirit seeks Other’s Pieces that fit to the Puzzle of my Life

And, this body creates the Curves of my Queen’s Wonders

By addressing Topics of Race, I have heard the voice of The People

I’ve learned it’s compassion, respect, and love that the world lacks

Knowing the Truth about Our History is what matters to the people

And strengthening my empathy is how I share the story of “The Blacks”

I walk a Thin Line in a society that labels me a white woman

When I was given a laminated “black card” and the tag name “One Drop”

“The Privileged” listen to me because I am socially accepted by The Man

And I teach with The Strength of the Ancestors who have painted our backdrop


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