Revisiting my past is building my future

          The topic of discussion is depression, fear, struggles of falling in love, revisiting the past, and the hardships of keeping ones shit together when it seems their entire life is falling apart. My discussion is, of course, centered on my recent life events; I say recent, indicating the last two years, really. I’m going to start this discussion with my detoxification of my uterus. There isn’t a fiber of my being that wasn’t affected by that experience. My body has obviously changed. My mind is not the same. My spirit has taken on a new course of responsibility. I am not the same person I was when I started the process in 2013. I never expected the shit to happen the way it has, and I’m beyond grateful for how it’s all happened. I now have a working reproductive system, and I did it by myself. I didn’t go to any doctors, and I sure as hell didn’t have any procedures that would allow objects to scrap the inside of my body. Nope! I prayed. I meditated. I soaked in the light of the full moon. I spoke to my ancestors. I reached out beyond this realm, and I found more than I was asking for.

          With the steps taken during this time, I internalized. I didn’t share my experience with anyone except for two people. One is no longer a part of my life; he’s missed greatly. The other one is still very prominent in my life, and I appreciate her more than words can express. I was extremely depressed during this time in my life, and I struggled with a lot of loss. So-called friends distanced themselves from me, too. Not only was I alone, I felt lonely and abandoned. Coming to terms with the loss of my unborn child from 15 years prior, I found a sense of peace within myself. I wasn’t lonely any longer. This uterus cleanse that I did to myself was brutal; I’ve explained this before. Like I said, it wasn’t only physical. This was an entire make over of every aspect of my being. I tapped into my higher self and my lower self. I spoke to my unborn child. I spoke to my previous lives. I identified with my purpose. I knew I was destined to be a mother.

          After I gathered the broken pieces of my life, I started feeling better about myself because I had identified with my past sorrows that were keeping me down. My detox cleared out some major cobwebs of my soul. I started exercising. I picked up yoga again. I found a comfort in being alone. Then, I started planning my trip to Haiti. Being out there continued to shape my thought process; my thoughts changed again. My aspirations grew stronger. I witnessed things I still cannot explain. I honestly believe something from my experiences in Haiti filled the void within my soul that was from the loss of my child. I misread some signs too. Messages that came to me were mixed with a different reality. I made mistakes. I have forgiven myself for those mistakes, of course. And the love that blossomed will forever be a part of me and those involved. Coming home from Haiti and remembering all that I went through that year with my detox, I found myself revisiting my past. I started writing my memoirs.

          This choice, based on my decision making process to take this class my senior year, was the starting point of my entire future. I had spent many years running away from a part of my past that I didn’t want to identify with. I didn’t want my new friends to know about it. But, when I started writing about it, that all changed. With my newfound strength of being alone, and the courage I found within myself from traveling to Haiti, I fell in love. I feel deeply in love. I visited the depth of my soul. I found a lot down there, too. During that journey of deep Jo diving, however, I found something I had forgotten about. Digging down into the depths of my past, I remembered why I was running away. It was a painful thing to identify, and I’m still working on healing from that pain. This was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn, but I learned it, for sure. Love will do that to ya. Upon opening the floodgates of lost love and broken promises, I found myself nearly broken once again.

          More friends distanced themselves because I was being a complete bitch; I was keeping so much internalized again. I still didn’t want to share my past with anyone; it hurt too much. During this time, a little pixie and her son visited me; they kept me alive. They kept me motivated and allowed my inner child to play freely. I didn’t want to be an adult, so I wasn’t. I let myself go completely. I was spiraling down further than any depth I had reached during depression. I kept highly intoxicated so I wouldn’t deal with the pain. I covered it up. Then I realized I had used all my rent money on weed and alcohol; I couldn’t afford to live in that place any longer, and not just financially, but life in general. I am sure I would have taken my own life if I stayed there. I am sure of it. The depression and negativity I was living with would have taken its toll on me; so, I left.

          I didn’t know what I was doing, where I was going, or how I was going to get there. All I knew was that I needed to go. I picked Colorado as my destination, and I made it. And, of course, the depression, past sorrows, and newfound strength all followed me, too. The things I identified with during my detox, trip to Haiti, falling in love, and writing my memoirs has all followed me here. Right now, this very moment, I can still feel the warmth of these experiences. I know my higher being, God Himself, is guiding me on my path. It was my decision to leave a home I loved that has brought me to this place I am at right now; I am homeless. I am struggling. I am scared. I am blessed, honored, and madly in love again. Home is where the heart is, right? Well, my heart is locked up for two more years. The difficult transition I’m in will only bring more warmth and light, I’m sure of it. Digging to the depth of my soul has reminded me of who I am, and I will not hide from that person any longer. I refuse.

          I am not living in my past, not at all, but it is my past that is building my future. I need to remind myself what I’ve done, where I’m from, and why I am who I am. I’ve come a long way since that dirty warehouse worker who got involved in many sexual acts. Even though I can still recall the smell of oil, propane, and wet boxes, I need to identify with where I am today. Even though I can still taste the passionate release of my clients, I need to identify with who I am today. It’s hard though. I struggle with it because I have hidden that part of my past from everyone I ever encountered. It’s not that I’m afraid of judgment, no. What I’m afraid of is expressing my enjoyment. I’m afraid if I express how much I miss my clients, how much I miss giving blow jobs, and how much I want to experience it all again … I’m afraid I’ll go back into the business.

          There is an opportunity that is knocking at my door, and I want it more than anything I have ever wanted in my life. It’s a revisit of my past, of course. It’s a door reopened. It’s an opportunity for me to learn new skills and make a lot of money. I need to recognize that I am not reliving my past. I need to realize that my choices now are based on knowledge of self, knowledge of other, and knowledge of how society works. As a college graduate, who studied anthropology, I am sure to follow this dream and not make the same mistakes I made before. It’s terrifying though. The fear is what’s making me do it. I swear, if it wasn’t for the fact that I am scared out of my mind right now, I wouldn’t be following this hidden dream. I wouldn’t be playing with the hidden gem I found while I dug to the depths of my soul. If it wasn’t for this fear, I wouldn’t be alive. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do God’s work. I wouldn’t be writing this blog, right now …

It’s time for … a quickie, of course

Sexual passions

Do you know it? Do you know that release of pure enjoyment and ecstasy? I only ask because that’s what I thrive on – well, that’s what I used to thrive on, at least.

For many years I focused on that passionate release, and now it’s taken me to a road of writing and encouragement. I always said, “I’ll never move back to the Bay Area,” And here I am planning my life to further my dream of living there again. Nothing is concrete, but I cannot explain to you how my memoirs have pushed me through into an entirely different – but oh so perfect – direction in life.

After graduation, I was pissed off with everything because the system is so corrupt. I didn’t want to be part of it. I still don’t. I’m talkin’ rEVOLution. I’m talkin’ commUNITY. I’m talkin’ pure light and love, y’all. Unconditional love, compassion, and the ability to talk through our struggles. I’m talkin’ prison outreach. I’m talkin’ motivational speaking. I’m talkin’ youth mentorship. I’m talkin’ LIVING THE DREAM!!! We all have a dream, right? I’m now working on accomplishing the goals and dreams I have set forth. And, by the looks of things, there’s a kingdom waiting for Us…

Dream big, please!

Take a step forward, please.

Forget about the fear, please!

I promise you … moving forward to accomplish a dream is the best thing in the world. I encourage all of you to start living your dreams because it’s about time we start living in a place of light and love … Many blessings, y’all!

More will come, of course. I just wanted to let y’all know that I haven’t gone anywhere. My book is in it’s last stages of edit and this Bay Area Harlot will tell her freaky tale … Much love!

A Year of Change

I have lost many friends and experienced many broken bonds in just the last year alone. I’ve been told that if those bonds were broken they were never real in the first place. They were all real at one point. People grow apart. People change and sometimes we can’t figure out how to continue connecting when sparks are flying. It becomes two negative charges trying to connect; it just doesn’t work. Things happen within our lives and we perceive things differently. We make choices based off a multitude of reasons, and sometimes people make mistakes. Bonds break. Once powerful knots are untied or severed. It happens, right? True friendship existed at one point. Unconditional love was present throughout the time spent together.

Things must change …

The summer 2013 was when I did my detox; it was extremely painful; I was alone throughout the beginning. I wasn’t supposed to be though; I felt the first sting of betrayal during this time. Support was not there, at first. Eventually, I reached out to a lifer. She listened as I cried, and she helped me make sense of the craziness of my hormones and thoughts. Looking back to those days, I see how it’s shaped me into who I am today. Things said by those who loved me at one point and experiencing the recovery of a 15-year-old death changed me. I am the one who changed. When another, unexpected person showed concern about my health and well being, it changed me even more. Again, a year later, I see how the voice of that individual helped create the person I am today. That particular voice has become the driving force of my future ambitions.

I must change …

Detaching from the old and forgiving the sorrows of my previous choices, I found myself free from the dark shadows of my damaged soul. I was no longer held down by my past. I did not allow myself to live in my past any longer. Instead, it was a part of me – I allowed the sorrow to become a part of my newly found love for myself. As I shed and released the collection of my past, I became a different person. My thoughts were different. My spiritual practice was different. My ambitions changed. My focus was on myself, finally. I talked to my ancestors, and they spoke to me. I connected to a higher realm. Experiencing that cleanse with the two supportive and surprising voices helped me connect to my higher self. It’s difficult to see all this, a year later, because one of those gentle voices has also become one that has left me.

Lives must change …

The winter 2013 was when I went to Haiti. This trip, nearly a year later, has changed me even more than any experience I ever had. It’s tied to my detox in many ways. The moon rituals I started during my cleanse traveled with me to Haiti. I spent the last full moon of 2013 on the beach of Haiti. My ancestors were with me. I was visited by previous connections to past realms. Further, that strong, now missing voice kept me grounded as well as brought me home many nights. I experienced a transcendence that to this day has yet to make sense to me. It is because of these things that have brought me to where I am today. My vision has changed. The social goggles that I was raised with have been broken and replaced by a pair of contacts. I no longer have my boxed frames getting in the way of the eternal vision. It’s because of my trip to Haiti and the combination of my past and present that has me making great strides to accomplish the future I see for myself.

Action must change …

I have heard a definition of insanity as doing something the same way and expecting different results. The spring of 2014 has now become the striving force of my insanity. Better yet, it’s become the biggest mistake of my past addictions and bad choices. I made many mistakes. The outcome has become the reason I no longer trust my instincts, intuition, and empathy. This particular situation has become the largest void of my internal being. Not even my ancestors or the full moon can help me heal from this one. It simply just is a part of me now. As I travel further and pursue my dreams, all of the things that have helped me be the person I am today will be a part of me.

To change is to grow …

Summer 2014 is just about over. The trees have been kissed lightly by fall. I see the change in seasons. I am guided by those changes. I follow the moon cycle. I hear the call of the birds and the screaming of our Mother’s voice. One year has passed since the ending of my detox. I started this blog for the reason of my detox. Because of the changing force of my passion and vision, I went back and forth about changing the reason of this blog. I don’t think I can change it. These writings are for me to express the struggle of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), an empathic woman, and someone who has many important things to say. It started with my detox. It transcended from that to an ancestral connection, traveling spirits, and eventually falling deeply in love.

Change is hard …

It’s been a seven year cycle of me being a student. This is the first fall term in seven years that I am not scheduling my next term. I graduated. Now what? It’s been a traveling vacation and unknown destinations so far. Right now, I am in Colorado. I pray I can find a place throughout the winter. I am homeless. Yes, maybe by choice – kind of. I couldn’t afford rent. I was bailed out a couple of times, but after graduation – and without the financial aid assistance – I couldn’t do it. I had work lined up, but I noticed the suicidal depression of my addiction and I had to leave. I’m sure the Winter of 2014 would have taken my life if I stayed stagnant. I left. I decided to jump and follow my new visions. It’s terrifying and quite lonely. I am the Ronin. With the loss of close friends (and non-friends) over the year, I now see it as a new opportunity to gather the pieces that shattered and find peace within myself. I have decided to internalize again. I have made the choice to keep the matters of my heart to myself. It was by choice I walked away without a fight. It was a hard decision to make, but my vision will stay mine. Sharing the insight, lessons learned, and new ambitions developed will be easy, but to give my secrets away and share my passion with others will probably not happen for a while. Details don’t matter right now. All that matters is that I am reconstructing my thoughts, aspiration, and faith because my focus has changed. As I said, my vision has changed; I have changed.

Change is inevitable …

It isn’t change that we fear because everything is forever changing. Nothing is ever the same after time passes – not even time itself can stay the same. The thing people fear about change is the unknown. The unknown is scary. The unknown is a terrifying place to live. I’ve noticed that the strong, silent voice that was once in my reality but now only in my subconscious, has become my saving grace. Focusing on picking up the pieces that shattered throughout my cavern’s floor is what is keeping me from fearing the unknown and completely freaking out about my situation. I am not thinking about the unknown. I am thinking about how my puzzle has expanded. It still isn’t complete, of course, but there’s an entirely new scene painted on the canvas of my life’s work. Why fear something that is out of my control? Why worry about what can’t be changed? Why fear change? Instead of focusing on the unknown, focus on what is. If the life that is doesn’t make you smile in some way, change it! Don’t fear it, just change it. People will become distant. People will disappear. People may or may not support you. People will call you names, tell you how wrong you are, and even try to give you false promises. I’ve learned it’s because they don’t understand. I’ve learned it’s because the fear people associate with change isn’t really change, but fear of not trusting themselves to jump and follow their own dreams. I’ve learned it’s because I am a pain in the ass and when I have my sights set on something I’m passionate about, I’m nearly unstoppable. I’ll get knocked around. I’ll cry. I’ll get angry and try to force things I feel to be true. I have lost. But in the end of it all, I have won more than I lost. It was because I don’t fear the unknown. I trusted my faith that grew during my detox and travel to Haiti. That’s why I’m able to follow my dreams and reconstruct my thoughts. It was because of those amazing experiences and supportive voices that allowed me to see a different vision for myself.

I’ve changed my mind … therefore, I have changed my life
I’m on the pursuit of happiness
Change is my happiness
What’s your happiness?

Enacted Desires

This was written during one of the nights I processed through much heartache. This particular piece was produced through the thoughts of how difficult it is to live, and love as an empath. I easily get confused by which thoughts are mine and which aren’t when it gets to this point. I tend to make choices based on these thoughts, but then forgetting I may be acting out of desire, and not fact … Many people tend to leave when this happens …

Many believe that desire is suffrage … I do not agree … If the desire that this poem portrays is considered suffering, I need to come up with another word for suffer because these desires are the very things that motivate me. If it wasn’t for these desires, I wouldn’t move. If it wasn’t for these desires, I wouldn’t change. If I am to believe that desire is a form of suffering, I would then have to believe that my motivation is suffering me too.

*Twitch* does not compute … My point is … Desire, passion, and emotion in general is all that encompasses me. If these things are the things that … For lack of a better phrase … Make me suffer … Ick! Not playing the victim, here … But really, if my entire being is encompassed by the things people consider to be suffering from, I think it’s healthy for me to desire a partner who can ease those emotions. When I find someone who does that, I fall in love, in some kind of way.

I pick up, and recycle energy all the time. I do it by choice, yes! Sometimes When I go to recycle it, funny things happen to me. The personal growth that came with this poem is definitely one of the happiest, funny things since I started recycling energy on a healthier level. Then, sometimes love gets the best of me, and i forget who’s energy is who’s. It sucks when that happens …

But here is one of my poems … Enacted Desires …

The thought of …

… Your bare chest against my back

Leaves me to rest my heavy head on your shoulder

… Your muscular arms wrapped around my body

Leaves me to release my overworked empathic shield into your embrace

… Your strong base grinding against my ass

Leaves me to exhale my exotic words into your ear

… Your sturdy limbs intertwined with my limbs

Leaves me to feel blessed in our web of secrets

The desires of …

… You softly whispering “Hello” in my ear

Leaves me to say “I love you”

… You unknowingly giving sensation to my body

Leaves me to move with approval

… You unexpectedly sharing insight to my soul

Leaves me to smile with enthusiasm

… You continuously releasing energy into my spirit

Leaves me to cry with gratitude

Things are brighter now, because …

… You are my surprise safe place

I wish you knew me

… You are my every desired thought

I pray you hear me

… You are my single worst fear

I trust you love me

… You are my late night dream

I hope you see me

Time to rewind a bit

Today is June 29, 2014 … nearly a year since I started my detox. My detox was not a fun experience, but it was the most enlightening experience of my life since 2007. For the first time since I started my cycle when I was 12ish, I’ve bled every month for a year. This is amazing! I did the black cohosh and blue cohosh cleanse of my uterus. And, well … It worked! The few months last year, going through the cleanse, was painful and lonely. Only two people were really there for me, and I’ve expressed my gratitude for their significance, but I doubt either of them know how important they are to me. I said goodbye to many things, and people. I closed many doors, and opened new ones. I prayed, did some major rituals, and learned a lot about the kind of womyn I want to be … Anyways … It’s been nearly a year and I have had a moon cycle every month since!

My only wish, Is that my body can be the shell to house a beautiful baby …

That was my intention when I started my detox …

Now my dream is a bit bigger than that …
Now my dream has expanded …
Now, due to the recent events …

Not only do I hope my body will be strong and healthy enough to grow a child and perform the beautiful process of birthing a child … I now wish for a king who has the ability to comfort the body, heart, and mind of the queen who is nurturing his child …

If I still believe in the magic of Jo’s life … I’m close … Real close … Because, for a minute there I thought I did find my king … But it was only my imagination …

Keepin’ it real


Political systems
Cement walls
Heavy air
It’s difficult to breath

Smelling the old
Is trigging the old
It smells like death
The triggers are like death 

A part of me died
Inside that darkness
Only to transform into light
Reborn is what I’ve become

The hustle on the streets
Is the same money made in the system
It is only taxable
Not stacks on stacks 

It’s systematic
Little boxes
No room
No movement

Bruce Lee said be like water
So, I’m fluid
Leaking through the cracks
Freedom to breath 

I will not stay shackled
Working in the system
That don’t work 

Breaking from it
I will find another way
To paint a world we love
So, when you need my brightness
Just holla 

I’ll be there, waitin
For those who travel in the system
When you’re ready to change it
My passion will be ready in the streets

Together we will find that balance
Between institution and the streets
Together black and white
The free and the proud

Our voice loud
In unison and justice
No titles needed
Because we are of one entity

We the people
The 99%
Nah, fuck that
We keeping it 100
Even in the system

Exposed truth

Preteen girl
Still a child
Taken away
Just a moment
To paradise

Tall grass
Black boy
Blow job
A hot meal

I was hungry
He bought me lunch
He was in high school
I was still only a child

Fairies danced for me
My king moaned for me
It was pleasurable for me
Food was important for me

I was not a child
I was a woman
I was a child
I was not a woman

I am a woman
My child plays
In those same high grasses
Where she was taken away
Taken away to paradise
I was
For a moment

Crush Winery
Monmouth Oregon
April 2014

I’m back from Haiti a changed woman, indeed

This shouldn’t be too long of a blog. Keep in mind this is a rough draft and won’t be edited in the future. Typo’s and run on sentences will happen – deal with it! J My trip to Haiti was mind blowing. The only expectation I had was to come back a changed woman; and, I sure have! I have over a dozen topics to touch upon so the coming blogs will focus around these topics on an individual basis. I am still processing and dealing with some emotions so I am unable to clearly articulate what my opinion is about it. Also, I’m writing my senior thesis paper, so that’s going to take up a lot of my writing time. All I know is that I am brainstorming and processing my personal accomplishments and they’re starting to become increasingly prominent in my thoughts. I find myself writing about me while I’m trying to explain a specific section of my paper.

What I will share with you now is that my life has changed. My view has changed. The culture shock I have experienced has been mostly coming back to the states. Honestly, I felt more at home there then I did here. The people I met took me in as if I was their family. I’ve missed my family gatherings and considering it’s the holiday season, I’ve been thinking about our Bruno traditions that I haven’t celebrated in 4 years – maybe longer! Before I left for Haiti, I thought about how much I miss my aunt and grandmother. They would be so proud of me – They are proud of me! Considering I thought and spoke of them so often, I don’t doubt they were with me on my travels. The Haitian family culture is exactly what I’ve missed in my own family. At the same time, however, I am so grateful to have been received into their family as quickly as I was.

The intimate connections I made with the family we traveled with are more rewarding than any service work I did. I played with the kids, yeah, and it was fun, but it was no different from playing with kids here. There was nothing special about it. There was nothing special about the work we did either. There wasn’t a moment when I said, “Yeah, I’m doing a great thing” when it wasn’t in direct collation with something I did or said with the family. The reasons I thought I was going to Haiti were not the reasons at all. I thought I was going to do some much needed service work for a group of children who, I guess, I assumed were orphans. However, they weren’t. Yeah, there were children who were obviously poor and suffering from insufficient food. I saw children with rotted teeth, holes in their clothing, dirty bodies and even physical disabilities. Overall, however, they were just kids. I didn’t have a motherly reaction to any of them like I thought I would.

Honestly, I don’t know why that is either. That’s something I need to further explore later. I don’t know why I connected with this family on the level that I did. I don’t know why I came back to my reality in Oregon only to find that I am unhappy. I don’t know why I had to travel hundreds of miles to express myself on certain matters. I have no idea why I am filled with so much love and compassion that it makes me sick sometimes. LOL! I seriously feel like I should be in the Disney movie Snow White when she’s talking to the birds, squirrels and critters of the forest. There’s a constant ditty in my head and I slightly feel like my face won’t stop smiling. When I walk, there’s a slight feeling of floating. Where is all of this coming from? It’s a combination of things, I know!

Seriously, I was able to celebrate the last full moon of the 2013 calendar year in Haiti with unexpected company. This new years is significant too; there’s a new moon on new years. That hasn’t happened in 19 years, I think. It’s not something that happens often and it’s believed to be the start of a brand new. I have let go of so much in the last year. I’m finding new things to fill the void from letting go of stuff – and people. This is, indeed, a new beginning!

I pray that you, the reader, finds peace, love, and bright beautiful blessings in as many moments as you can throughout your life. It truly is a beautiful thing, life! There is so much we take for granted. There are too many things we hold value to when, really, there is no value in them. The one thing I’ve learned is the only real thing we can put value on is the love and compassion we have for others. The love I share with people and the passion I feel toward some people is what I hold valuable in my life. I hold those connections true to me. I want to make more of those connections. I want to share more with them. I want to express and share my gifts. I want to learn their gifts. I want to encourage them. I want to be encouraged. I want more …

Keepin’ it real ~ Doin’ what we gotta do ~ Risin’ above

One of the main things I’ve come across lately is people wanting to make a difference on a real level. I am surrounded by academia. Just today my professor told me, “yeah, it’s going to be hard as fuck!” That’s real! Yeah, okay it’s not professional on the level that people think professional should be, but it was real. I have had those moments when I would say things like, “This is bullshit,” in class or even in a meeting. Yeah, people look at me strange at first, but they’re all real people and they get over it – I get over it. My co-worker and I have said some brutal, raunchy things behind closed doors. I’ve had people come up to me who were going through some emotional struggles and every other word she said was “fuck” or “shit.” We’re real! We’re getting shit done and we’re making a change. People in the professional realm are starting to be real.

We may not be controlling shit yet, but we will be soon! I have faith we will be stronger than ever before and history will not fully repeat itself this time. I believe that we are a greater number fighting against the machine. I have faith that there are millions more people speaking up about the needs of the people. We’re stronger then ever before. Corporate America will crumble. Politics will change. Corruption wouldn’t be so common. I think there is hundreds of millions people who will continue to rise above the old. They will see the past and want to change our present so our future will be rewarding and something to look forward to, for all of us.

I watched a movie today, in class.It blew my mind. They dissected this statement:

Culture always builds on the past
The past always tries to control the future
Our future is becoming less free
Build free societies you must limit the control of the past

I am seriously blown away because this has been the conversation I’ve been having with so many people. Like I said, I believe there’s going to be a revolution. I’m not going to sit here and say when it’ll be, but I do believe I will see if in my lifetime. Things are changing. They will continue to change, too. I think our past has finally taught us something and people are noticing.

There are so many directions I can go right now, and honestly, I don’t know if I want to touch upon any of them at the moment. It would change the point of this blog post. So, I’m just going to continue with this idea of history repeating itself and how I believe there are more people fighting against the machine as there was before. There’s a new generation being born – it’s something new – it’s different – never before done. The information we have – on multiple levels – is better then ever before. The people who have been in control are a dying breed. We’ll always have racists and ignorance. We’ll always have fights and even war. We’ll always have heartache and struggle to survive. However, I do believe they will be fewer and less corrupt or deadly.

The reason I feel this way is that I see people doing small things within their own communities, trying to make their community a better place. I see organization leaders and activists getting degrees. I see poetry, artistry and passion. We’re all doing our part to make our worlds better places to live. The people I have met are keeping it real. Those who don’t know how to keep it real aren’t going to succeed in this new culture that’s being built. Those who don’t know how to respect other people’s real won’t succeed either. This new culture is making a difference. We’re fighting. We’re growing. We’re intelligent, good looking and professional. We’re passionate, real, and can hold a conversation. We say fuck on a regular basis. We’re tattooed, pierced and listen to a lot of music. We create connections, not corporations. You know who you are. I’m calling out to you. If you’ve found this blog, there’s a reason for it. You’re empowered. You have something special that nobody else has. Find what that is and rock that shit! Keepin’ it real! People will like you if you like you. The more you’re real with yourself the more real you’ll be with others. The more real you are with others, the more they’ll love you. Kick fear in the neck! Pull sorrow’s hair. Slap negativity in face. Rise above it all!

We must transcend. We must follow through. We must continue to fight. We must have faith that we will win and see a world that is worth fighting for. I believe we can. I have faith that working with the people I work with will change the culture and help us rise together and find a new way of living!