Hemorrhoids and fevers and pains, OH MY!

First off, I did not hold back in this blog. I might have over shared a bit for some people. So, this is your warning! =)

I started the parsley tea Monday, July 29. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, I had the parsley tea mixed with green tea. It was good. The parsley tea, alone, is bitter though. When I had my second cup, in the evening of the 29, I didn’t add anything to it. It was bitter. Kind of reminded me of chi tea. Yesterday morning, I had another cup. This time, I added a spoon of local honey. It was delicious! By 5pm, I was feeling real sick. My stomach was cramping. I had a random fever. I was shivering, but I wasn’t cold. I tried to spend time with my best friend during her birthday, but I just couldn’t seem to stay warm. So, I came home and took a hot shower. I felt like I had to throw up. I felt my body kind of go into shock. It was weird. After my shower, I lied down in bed and fell asleep. When I woke up, I swore it was the next morning. I emailed my instructor and told him I wasn’t making to class – again. I texted a few people … It wasn’t until 15 or so minutes passed when I realized it was still Tuesday night, not Wednesday morning. It seriously scared me. I don’t know what all that was about, but it was weird.

Lets back track a bit. About two weeks ago, I had a severe Hemorrhoid flare up. I’ve suffered from hemorrhoids since 1998, when I was hit by a car. From all the medication I was on, I was constipated for two weeks. Yes! Two weeks! Finally, after about an hour and a half of pushing and crying, I took a shit. It was horrible. Well, ever since then, I have had hemorrhoids that, depending on my food intake, flare up and are literally a pain in the ass! So … About two weeks ago, I ate some shellfish. I’ve never been allergic to shell fish and I’ve never had a problem with it. However, it was after I ate that meal that my IBS started to act up. Sure enough, within days, my asshole was swollen, bleeding and hurting!

I’ve never gotten my roids checked out and I’m sure I need to have them surgically removed. My father had his roids removed when he was in his 20s. I probably should have done something about these before now, but I was always too scared or ashamed to admit I had them. I’m aware this detox is going to be hell on my roids, and they’re going to be constantly rearing their ugly heads. But, I’m not going to let it stop me. I’ll get them checked out soon.

The last time I had this bad of a flare up was about four or five years ago, when I was living with my sister. I was on a poor diet and I wasn’t taking care of my body. Kind of similar to what I’m doing now. Because I’m doing this cleanse, I’ve kind of went overboard with a few things. Other than this week, I’ve been eating foods to say goodbye to them. I’ve been over eating. I’ve been binging. I’ve been doing my last hooray before my entire lifestyle change. I’m sure that’s why my roids flared up again.

I wonder if the fever and hot chills are associated with the roids and IBS. I wonder if the roids and IBS is causing the headaches, the nausea, or the abdominal pain. Or was it from two days of drinking parsley tea? I don’t know! I have hemorrhoid cream and I’ve been using it daily. But it still doesn’t seem to be working too well this time. I haven’t eaten much except saltine crackers and Sierra Mist (it’s the only clear soda without high fructose corn syrup). Just about 30 minutes ago, I made a quick pasta dish. Unfortunately it was the thing I had in the house to eat. I wanted to eat something other than crackers so I could sleep tonight without having my stomach growling at me. So far so good. My stomach is a bit upset and I’ve farted quite a few times, but hopefully the food stays in my system. UPDATE: I was able to keep the food down and even though my stomach is still a bit upset, it’s not so bad. I ate breakfast this morning and even had a little bit of coffee. It’s not too bad!

This week was my last week of school, and I haven’t been to class at all. After talking to my instructor, we’ve decided it would be best for me to take an incomplete and finish the course in the fall – just one more thing to add to the list of shit I have to do in the fall.

I’m so ready to start this cleanse! But I have to wait to be paid on the 8th before I can buy the food. I have just about a week to get everything in order. I still have to make my pads, prepare the spare bedroom for long hours of video games, and buy some odds and ends. But, I’m ready! The foods I’m eating aren’t tasting good. What I want to eat I don’t have yet. It’s just time for me to finally take control of my life. I’m ready! I’m scared, but I’m ready!

I just found out the other day that my mom might not be able to make it here in August. That saddens me. I was really looking forward to spending time with her. Not only that, I was really relying on someone being here during the first week of my cleanse. It’s going to be so difficult for me to take care of myself, but I will if I have to, of course. It would just be easier on me if someone were here with me. I hope she could still come up after she takes care of her doctors appointment and her own health. I pray she will make it!

So, back to the parsley tea. I don’t know if my cramps are due to the tea or my roids. I haven’t felt this kind of cramping from roids in a very long time. Maybe the cramping is from the roids. Maybe it’s from the tea. I don’t know! I just don’t know! I will be keeping track of the size of my roids over the next few days. I really hope that the food I ate stays in my stomach and that my body doesn’t reject it … So far so good …